Jukebox The Ghost w/ The Greeting Committee
The Neptune, Seattle, WA

Five albums in, Jukebox the Ghost are still pleasing fans all over. The little three-piece indie pop band stopped by The Neptune for a night dreamy enough to match the venue’s vibe.

To start the night off, The Greeting Committee popped on stage. These guys are basically the definition of an indie band, especially in terms of aesthetic—the kind of music you have to listen to in headphones walking through capitol hill with your pants rolled up while drinking expensive cold brew. With thrift-store vintage-y clothes, clap-along songs, and a very raw sound, the band was the perfect opening for the night.

I’d previously heard and quickly fallen in love with “Hands Down – Reprise,” which I didn’t realize sounds very different from most of their other material. The reprise takes a much softer look at the original track, stripping things down to just lead singer Addie Sartino’s sweet voice and floaty instrumentals that let her voice soar. But as beautiful as that acoustic take is, these guys are even better with a full band, full energy performance—one that’s definitely worth the time to go check out.

Jukebox the Ghost’s sound is probably best described as the plunky piano intros to mid-2000’s radio pop songs—but in the best way possible, and more modernized. With the dramatic and theatrical sound of Saint Motel and the bright tone of Ra Ra Riot, the band is endlessly fun to watch as they perform their sunny pop tunes.

Opening with “Jumpstarted” off their new album, the night was in full swing pretty quick. The band uses a lot of bright, saturated lights to match the rainbow horse sitting near the drums and the general feel of the band. That, paired with the energetic and lively performance from the trio, created an entertaining environment.

Finally, titling a song “See You Soon,” basically makes it a perfect set closer right off the bat, and the live performance certainly proved that. A beautifully sentimental song, it was perfect to top off a night of smiles that was clearly meant to be experienced live.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Jukebox The Ghost

The Greeting Committee