Walk the Moon w/ Company of Thieves
Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

After a nearly 3-year break, Ohio indie electro-pop group Walk the Moon finally made their way back to Seattle for two sold-out nights at The Neptune, packing the room with the love and acceptance they’re known for.

Opening for an band as highly-anticipated as Walk the Moon must be tough—nothing compares to their headline set. Company of Thieves however, managed to play a killer show. Their sound was definitely a little darker than Walk the Moon, but their talent and raw energy shone through, and they quickly made their mark.

Every time Walk the Moon comes around, it seems like all their fans eagerly emerge and find a way into the venues one way or another. And after such a long break between their second and third albums, the fandom was more than ready to party for another night on their Press Restart tour.

The performance kicked off strong with “Press Restart,” the first track on their latest release, What If Nothing, and the crowd was sweaty, smiley, and eager for more.

Coming into the show, I was a little worried. After such an incredible performance from Walk the Moon at the peak of their Talking is Hard fame in 2015, I figured not much could ever top that performance. Additionally, with the release of What if Nothing, I figured the set would be clouded with newer tracks, leaving the old gold in the past. Of course, Walk the Moon managed to put together the perfect mix of tracks.

They blended the best of the new album seamlessly with the older hits we’ve been blasting for years. Every new and less familiar track was happily met with love and the crowd loudly backing the band.

“Different Colors” proved to be the bonding moment it was meant to be, as arms waved around and the crowd happily sang back the lyrics we all needed to hear in 2018. “Up 2 U” was the perfect banger to start the encore with, as it’s probably the best guitar riff across all three of their albums. And finally, tears rolled down emotional faces as the band’s anthem, “Anna Sun,” topped off the night.

Back in support of their latest release, Walk the Moon brought their killer performance to the sold-out crowd at The Neptune for an iconic night filled with love as hundreds of voices sang back the lyrics to every song.

Review by Lulu Dawson
Photos by Phillip Johnson

Walk the Moon

Company of Thieves