Author: Stephanie Dore

KONGOS Put Themselves To Shame

Kongos w/ Mother Mother Showbox, Seattle, WA 05.14.17 If the opportunity to see a band called Mother Mother on Mother’s day comes about, you pretty much have to take it. Their fantastic set opened the night before KONGOS headlined the Seattle’s Showbox on their Egomaniac Tour with an even better one. Fans–along with their mothers–enjoyed Mother Mother’s alt-rock set. Their sound is a bit Muse-meets-Cold War Kids, but the band puts their own spin on it. They played mostly tracks from their latest album, No Culture, released in February, but some of their older songs were obvious crowd favorites. “Hayloft,”...

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The Decision Dilemmas Of Upstream Music Fest & Summit

 Upstream Music Fest & Summit Seattle, WA 05.11.17 – 05.13.17 Decision paralysis is real as I stand in the middle of Pioneer Square, just trying to remember where all of the Upstream Music Fest venues are, much less who’s actually playing them. Walking the same blocks I do every day of my 9-to-5, they don’t really look any different. I can’t even tell I’m at a music festival. I don’t see any flower crowns, fanny packs, or food trucks. But it’s early. As I locate the venues–with little help from the unforgiving Upstream app’s map–each marked with a large, branded...

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Concert Preview: Stephen Lynch

Preview: Stephen Lynch Showbox, Seattle, WA 05.18.17 Musician, comedian, and actor Stephen Lynch has been walking the line between jester and bard for nearly two decades, and he’s back at Seattle’s Showbox this spring for “The My Old Heart Tour.” Lynch caught his big break with his Comedy Central Presents special in the early 2000s. With his musical prowess at the forefront of his act, this gave him access to more venues that cater to musicians, garnering him a broader audience. After a successful run as Robbie Hart in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer, along with releasing the double...

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Zombies In America Tour Touts Unrivaled Energy

Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, Atlas Genius, and Night Riots Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA 05.10.17 Boasting one of the heaviest-hitting pop lineups of the year, the Zombies in America Tour–Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, Atlas Genius, and Night Riots–came alive at Seattle’s historic Neptune Theatre. Each band brought a little something special to create a big, climactic night full of energy and crowd connection. California alt-rockers Night Riots opened the show with “All For You,” from their 2016 debut full-length, Love Gloom. And they killed it from there. They had a sadder, darker sound layered with vocals reminiscent of...

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No Sleep At Gnash’s Party

Gnash w/ Sweater Beats, Max, Goody Grace, Imad Royal, Triangle Park, Myboyjon Neptune, Seattle, WA 05.06.17 Two seems to be the golden number of openers for nearly any concert. One can make the night feel a little quick, three can feel excessive, but two usually hits the sweet spot. Gnash brought five. Instead of picking seemingly random opening acts, it was more just a big group of friends, all who were featured somewhere in each other’s work at one point or another. Singing on and producing all his own music, Gnash has been releasing EP’s with lyrics that will somehow...

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