Motion City Soundtrack w/ Mom Jeans and Lee Cory Oswald
Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

Four years ago Motion City Soundtrack went on a farewell tour. At each show they were proclaiming it would be the last time you ever get to see Motion City Soundtrack live ever again. At the time the band may have felt that to be true but I and all their fans knew they would be back some day. Fast forward to June and they announced their first tour back titled, “Don’t Call It a Comeback Tour”.

Motion City Soundtrack brought their tour to Seattle’s Neptune Theatre, a venue they had never played before in Seattle. They brought lots of big, bright lights, creating a beautiful array of color to compliment their charming and poppy songs. The whole room felt warm from the lights and upbeat rhythms.

They played every song like they had never taken a break and have taken a long break. Lead singer, Justin Pierre’s, vocals were as sharp as ever. Each song sounds just like the original recordings. Rarely does a band come around with songs as catchy lyrically as they are musically. You could see the four year break did them good. Every member seemed to be more energetic, full of life, and fully fulfilled playing these songs again. You could literally see the smiles on their faces throughout the entire show. Even their original drummer joined them on this tour after departing years before the rest of the band.

The set list was perfect. They hit every popular song including “Everything is Alright,” “The Future Freaks Me Out,” “Favorite Accident” and many others. But they also played a lot of deep cuts that rarely would be played in the live show like “Antonia,” “Last Night,” and “Even If It Kills Me.” The only real issue was that they did not play “Don’t Call it a Comeback” on their tour titled after the same song.

It was the perfect way to return to the stage after four years. A small hole in every Motion City Soundtrack fan’s heart was filled that night. We all now wait and wish that it won’t take another four years to see them tour again.

Berkeley, California natives, Mom Jeans, opened up the show with fast and catchy punk rock. They are self-proclaimed “The Future of Punk Rock” from the banner hanging behind them on stage. During their thirty-minute set they had everything you’d want in the future of punk. Fast songs and a carefree (almost goofy) personality. These punk rockers also cross the line into pop-punk with their melodies. Bassist, Sam Kless, had the most fun of anyone on stage. Bouncing and thrashing his bass about. High kicks above his head and playing around with the crowd by getting them to do “the wave” in between songs.  Future of punk rock? Hell yes!

Photos and review by Logan Westom

Motion City Soundtrack

Mom Jeans

Lee Cory Oswald