Nada Surf w/ Apex Manor
Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

Nada Surf kicked off the first night of a 67-date world tour in Seattle at the Neptune Theater. Fans of all ages braved the cold and threat of snow to see them begin their first show of 2020. Bassist, Daniel Lorca, opened up about how Seattle has become the closest thing to a home for the band now that they don’t all live in New York City. Nada Surf has a special place for Seattle in their hearts and it was the perfect place to kick off their 6-month tour.

The show started with Nada Surf playing a handful of their upbeat songs “Looking Through,” “Whose Authority,” and going on a literal high with “Hi-Speed Soul.” They played a couple of newer and older songs that had all the classic Nada Surf sounds.

Early in the show, Caws took a short break to tell a story about when he used to work in a record store between tours when they were still a newer band. He’d often forget he was in a band except for the few times a fan would come into the store. During the last year of making their forthcoming album, Caws felt the same about the show. Forgot about that part of making music but was ecstatic to be playing these never before played songs. They gave thanks to the fans for letting them continue to make music for 30 years.

The warm melodies and catchy lyrics of every Nada Surf song were so adrenaline-inducing that you could not keep your body from wanting to dance too. Even the slower songs will make you want to dance. Especially Lorca who can always be found jumping around the stage. Try isolating some of his bass parts and you’ll be impressed at the beats he has written.

With eight wonderful albums and a ninth on the way, the show featured greatest hits, band favorites, and a few new Nada Surf songs. Including “Inside of Love,” “Blonde on Blonde,” “Blizzard of ’77”, and “See These Bones.”

Drummer, Ira Elliot, held down the back of the stage. If you single Elliot out and watch just him for one song you’ll be humored to see him having fun in the back by himself, making faces, playing jokes with drum sticks, and other things, like a child who thinks no one is watching him.

The newest member of Nada Surf, Louie Lino, on the keyboard, showed what he brings to the former three-piece in songs like “What Is Your Secret?”, providing that something special on the new song “So Much Love.” With nine new songs on their way, they only played two other new songs that had been released early, “Something I Should Do” and “Looking for You.” Both songs having that feel-good indie Nada Surf sound but also something never heard from them before.

The night came to a close with a jam-packed, three-song encore of energy-filled songs. They finished the night with everything they had, including “The Way You Wear Your Head,” “Always Love,” and their biggest party song about not giving a fuck about anything but having a good time, “Blankest Year.”

Seattle’s crowd loved every second of their first show of the tour. They love having them and will welcome them back to their home away from home with open arms anytime.

Even though their new album does not officially come out until February 7, they were selling copies of the album at the show (and forthcoming shows). If you want to be a first to hear their new full record be sure to attend an upcoming show.

Photos and review by Logan Westom

Nada Surf

Apex Manor