Seattle, WA
08.30.19 – 09.01.19

While Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival—an annual three-day event—has undoubtedly gone through some trials these past few years, notable events conspired to create quite the festival this year. Even if prices are up and people’s interest is waning, here’s a few great moments from this year’s show.

Best crowd interaction: Sol
Sol, a Seattle native and favorite, had one of the most memorable crowd moments of the weekend. Mid set, he whipped out a big pool inflatable and surfed through the crowd on it.

Best outfit: Kiana Ledé
Not only did Kiana play some hits to a crowd that was head over heels in love with her, she also had a great outfit while doing it. Dressed in a bright read tassel dress and some white cowboy boots (the pictures really only do it justice), the R&B singer stole some hearts as she sang her heart out.

Best alternative set: Coin
Whenever Coin comes around, it’s gonna be a good time. They stuck out a little on a very mainstream-pop lineup, but their fans pulled through nonetheless. Their dedicated following packed in tight around the Mural stage and sang every emotional lyric along with the band.

Best all-girl performance: The Aces
Playing early in the day in the blazing sun, The Aces blew away their little main stage crowd with the confidence and mastery thats only comes from practice. These girls are peak indie-pop, perfectly paired with the heat.

Best weekend-saver: Hippie Sabotage
Among all the drama surrounding the lineup from the minute it was announced, Hippie Sabotage seemed to save the weekend a little. Many fans were angry after Lizzo announced she was too ill to perform, but after Hippie Sabotage replaced her time slot on main stage, few people could’ve been left mad. They have a perfectly mindless electric set that’s floaty and beautiful as it goes along.

Biggest throwback surprise: Carly Rae Jepsen
The festival seemed to get a lot of hate when Carly was announced on the lineup, and even leading up to her set, it seemed hard to find someone with anything positive to say about her. You never would’ve guessed it though watching her set. Every single person was singing along with their friends, recording the whole thing, and happily participating in her entire set.

Most memorable: Tyler, The Creator
To be fair, Tyler was kind of a shoe in for this one. He was the reason most people bought tickets, he was one of the most hyped up ones on the lineup, and he truly brought it all out on Friday night. He’s got a really cult following, and if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, it’s pretty shocking. Screaming on the stage and dancing wildly with his cropped white wig and sunglasses, Tyler’s set was everything we were promised.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson