Evergreen State Fair, Monroe, WA

An exemplary choice to get things rolling, Switchfoot opened up the grandstand stage at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA this summer—the first of the two-week long local fair.

They started out with two of their popular hits, “Stars” and “Hello Hurricane” from their earlier years of success. Frontman, Jon Foreman, leading the band spent less than three songs on stage before jumping out into the crowd. Foreman walked through the grandstand giving high-fives to every fan he walked by including security and fair staff.

As the band played through a perfect pacific northwest sunset, they thrilled the crowd with their energetic performance and inspirational songs. Switchfoot is one of the most underrated live bands around too. The put on a lively show with a little bit of everything from slow and acoustic songs to their faster, heavy, and adrenaline-rushed songs.

Halfway through the set they apologized for not including the PNW on their upcoming fall tour, but said when they got the opportunity to come out and play at the Evergreen State Fair they jumped on the chance to play for Washington to make up for it. Everything about this show made up for missing out on their next tour.

Towards the end of the night, Foreman jumped into the crowd for a second time. The crowd seemed to be the place Foreman felt most comfortable singing each song. Shoulder to shoulder with all the fans.

Fans threw a flag on the stage for Foreman that read “Where I Belong,” Something that seems to happen at every single Switchfoot concert. It shows the amazing support their fan base has for the band. The words reference their song, “Where I Belong,” and the band’s main ethos of positivity and optimism. Forman wore the flag around his neck as they finished the set before their encore.

The night ended with Switchfoot playing their greatest hit. The one song everyone knows by Switchfoot, “Dare You To Move,” finishing a wonderful evening of music.

Photos and review by Logan Westom