Lany w/ Sasha Sloan
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

As hip hop rises in popularity, takes over festival lineups, and the media becomes obsessed with the latest Cardi B drama, indie pop continues to live strong. As an escape from bold lyrics and hard beats, Lany offers the perfect hideaway with easy tracks made for driving with the windows down.

They’re no strangers to the Seattle area, and we’ve been lucky to be a frequent tour stop for them; this time we even got two back-to-back nights at Showbox SoDo in support of the latest album, Malibu Nights.

After the night opened up with some heartbreaking tracks from Sasha Sloan, a Bumbershoot star from last year, Lany took the stage and took some hearts.

One thing that’s really fun about Lany is just how completely their aesthetic consumes every part of them. They’ve nailed down that retro, 35mm film, thrift shops and sunsets vibe perfectly. You can hear it in the beginning of their opening track, “Thick and Thin,” see it in their merch, and even in their fans. It’s adorable and brings a real sense of community and belonging to the whole night.

After a mix of old and new tracks, Lany finally left the stage amid loving screams from their fans, closing out a nice warm night of bright music.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson