Passion Pit w/ The Beaches
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

A decade ago, Passion Pit went from being a brand new band to everyone knowing them overnight. Their debut album, Manners was so popular by the end of their first tour cycle that they were selling out shows at Madison Square Garden. This year, lead singer—and the only remaining original member—Michael Angelakos, took the album on tour to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of its release. Playing the full album from front to back is such a unique experience that no Passion Pit fan would want to miss.

The show opened with “Make Light” and Angelakos launched off his keyboard chair into the air. Angelakos bounced around the stage like he was playing a life-size version of Whac-a-Mole. The heavy electronic rhythms had not been lost in Angelakos over the years. Each live song seemed to be played with more energy than it was recorded 10 years ago. With the mix of the crowd cheering and singing along, you could really feel the passion in Showbox SoDo.

Dressed in his usual outfit of a white shirt, skinny tie, and dress pants, Angelakos maintained the smart look from his MIT roots. An array of color-changing lights backlit the stage as Angelakos rocked out, the lights erratically changing along with the fast electronic beat.

Halfway through the show, Angelakos told the crowd that he did not think he would tour again after their last tour. “Ten mother f*cking years. Did not anticipate ever doing this with my life, thanks for making it happen!” He shared his appreciation with the fans, saying, “You’re breathing new life into me,” perhaps hinting that this tour was inspiring him to write new music. You could see in his face and dance moves how much he was enjoying performing each song.

Hearing each song reminded me how well rounded this album is. Every song was worth its weight. From “Moth’s Wings” to “Little Secrets.” “Kingdom Come” brought the realization that you can’t just list the few hits from the album because you would be listing the whole thing. A strong album perfectly matched by a strong performance. Each song flowed perfectly into the next.

After finishing Manners in full, Passion Pit ended the night by playing a few favorites from their other albums, including “Lifted up (1989)” from the third album Kindred. They wrapped up the night with “Carried Away” and “Take A Walk” off their second album Gossamer, summing up an evening of what Angelakos called the “most fun I have ever had on tour.”

Opening up the night was Canadian based band The Beaches. This all-female quartet brought the rock and soul to America. They were dressed in sparkling sequins under the bright red stage lights. The Beaches’ high energy alternative rock music was very catchy—especially the song “Gold.” The girls had a big, eclectic sound that indicates they could become very well known in the future. Stay gold ladies.

Review by Allie Leaf
Photos by Logan Westom

Passion Pit

The Beaches