Preview: Nick Waterhouse with Ben Pirani
Crocodile, Seattle, WA

With Buddy Holly spectacles and his collection of vintage 50’s and 60’s guitars, Nick Waterhouse is celebrating the recent release of his self-titled album with a tour that began in Europe and now hits their 4th stop on April 30th in Seattle at the Crocodile.

Recorded at the legendary Vox Studios, his recent release has the mid-century R&B, Soul, and Rock influences that have come to define Waterhouse’s sound. With nuanced hooks, big saxophone solos, and a groove from a bygone era, don’t be surprised if the floor at the Crocodile turns into a dance floor.

Grab your tickets here and we’ll see you at the Croc!

The Crocodile Presents:
TUE, APRIL 30, 2019
7 PM

Preview by Phillip Johnson