Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

More than two decades have passed since Robyn first grabbed international attention with her debut Robyn is Here, and those original fans—along with an entirely new generation of dancefloor-loving, spangled-bodysuit-wearing ones—still came out in droves. A day after winning Best Nordic Album of the Year for 2018’s Honey, her first release in eight years, the Swedish auteur took to the stage of Seattle’s historic Paramount Theatre to basically steal her own show.

Against a backdrop of flowing white curtains, with the help of a full band, Robyn delivered exactly the concert the sold-out crowd was waiting for. New songs and old rang from the rafters, as everyone sang and danced along to the honest, heartbroken, wearing it on our sleeves genius that is Robyn. This is the connection of Robyn. One that exists with every fan in the room, no one dancing on their own.

Review and photos by Stephanie Dore