Hippo Campus w/ Now Now
Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

Seattle has officially overcome our snowpocalypse, and just as the sun starts to peek out again, looking back on Hippo Campus’ two-night stint of sunny indie pop at the Neptune seems only appropriate.

In support of their latest release, sophomore album Bambi, Hippo Campus brought along Now, Now to open their shows. With neon pink hair whipping around, lead singer Cacie Dalager opened the night with some floaty pop sounds. The band was the perfect light energy to start things off and sounded like a more bubble-gum pop version of Pale Waves: a nice mix of whispery vocals and bright sounds.

Opening their set with “Bambi,” the crowd seemed to be an equal mix of smiles and happy tears. Hippo Campus is one of those bands that’s gathered a pretty dedicated following over the years. They’ve got some pretty die-hard fans out there.

Bambi as an album took a pretty different direction from Landmark, their debut. It’s more experimental and quirky, showing off the fact that they’re starting to figure out their sound a little more, and moving away from the basics of indie-pop. Yet the two collections still blend perfectly in their performance.

The set seemed to be the perfect highlight reel of their music, a mix of bangers like “Way it Goes” and “Violet,” and songs that caused the crowd to shed even more tears like “Monsoon” and “Think it Over.”

As a whole, Hippo Campus throws one hell of a show. They’ve got it on lock, and their set is a perfect rollercoaster of emotions that takes you through their music. I’m endlessly jealous of the lucky ones who caught both nights in Seattle, or even other cities, and can’t wait for these boys to come back.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Hippo Campus

Now, Now