Yungblud w/ Arrested Youth
Vera Project, Seattle, WA

There’s a certain energy present at most alt-rock shows. And for UK artists that energy is usually amplified a little, just like their volume. But then there’s Dominic Harrison, AKA Yungblud, an incredibly energetic and expressive performer hailing all the way from Doncaster.

This particular night at The Vera Project—Seattle’s beloved all-ages venue—opened as fans wearing pink socks and pink striped shirts made their way in during Arrested Youth’s set. His set was a perfect opening. Crazy and youthfully spirited, his songs addressed social justice issues and other topics relevant to the young faces in the crowd.

When Yungblud started his set, it quickly went from 0 to 100 and never came down. He had a crazy-expressive face and the attitude to match as he jumped around the stage, feeding off the energy his fans brought in with them.

Similar to his opener, Harrison’s tracks featured lyrics focused on topics and events that are most pressing in his fans’ lives. One track, for example, is lovingly titled “Machine Gun (F**K the NRA).” But even if songs with social commentary aren’t quite your cup of tea, the performance was still killer, simply to watch as his thick accent blended words together.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Arrested Youth