Sales w/ Chaos Chaos and The Washboard Abs
Neumos, Seattle, WA

With a small collection of laid-back songs in tow, Sales brought their hilarious dynamic and carefree attitude back to Seattle for another perfect break from our busy schedules.

After opening for Sales a year ago, locals The Washboard Abs joined up with the tour again, showing off a new and improved performance. With new band members and more songs, it was easy to see how the group has evolved over time. Sounding a little less like a DIY school project, the band didn’t forgo those roots but shaped them into something more thoughtful.

Next up were the familiar faces of Chaos Chaos, bringing more local pride with a killer performance. Without much of an introduction, the group got started and made the most of their performance time, shocking the crowd in the best way.

Finally up to headline the night, Sales took their spots on stage and the crowd quickly quieted. These two best friends had the perfect set for a rainy Seattle night, every song mellow and soft without sounding like something off a sleep playlist.

With many lasting less than two minutes, their songs didn’t follow a traditional verse/chorus/break structure. Rather, each track almost felt like an unfinished sample or idea that never really got finished, but that worked perfectly for the band’s vibe. If they were expanded, they would probably feel tired and overdone, but the short and sweet nature of the songs simply served to reinforce the duo’s very indie feel.

While the music and its performance were incredible, the interactions between the two band members really made the show special. Joking throughout the night, talking about being best friends, and why they make music, they made everyone laugh and gave a lighthearted feel to the environment that matched their music.

A perfect way to stay dry on a fall night, Sales brought their mellow indie-pop with whispery voices and quirky names to Neumos for a performance that was exactly what we needed.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson


Chaos Chaos

The Washboard Abs