Bad Suns w/ Hunny and QTY
The Showbox, Seattle, WA

Sunday nights are supposed to be the pinnacle of relaxation. The night when you’ve checked everything off your list and get to go to bed early before returning to your normal Monday morning. But that’s not the case when Bad Suns are in town, and they’re definitely worth the exception. While plenty of happy fans camped outside The Showbox for hours before the performance, they were rewarded by a night of warm tracks that flew by in the blink of an eye.

After QTY got the night rolling with some indie-rock, the stage was slowly taken over by Hunny’s 80’s glam prom look. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed amps covered with little square, disco-ball mirrors, permed hair, and pastel-colored suits that completed the band’s retro aesthetic. Their sound was warm indie-pop—retro influences shining through with a synth base—and it worked perfectly for the night. These guys had a killer performance, high energy and adorable, with sassy vocals and upbeat choruses they seemed to be everyone’s new favorite after the show, though maybe the crowd was biased after being handed a bouquet of roses to share around.

Bad Suns finally took the stage, opening with “Disappear Here,” the title track off their 2016 sophomore album. The lights were wild and the band came in with bright sound and high energy that never dipped while their music—as always—led to plenty of shared sing-alongs with the crowd.

It’s not uncommon for musicians to stand on the barricade to sing with fans, however, it is pretty wild when they step up even higher to stand fully on top of the crowd. Feet held wobbly by loving fans, Bad Suns’ songs were perfectly at home with this beautiful scene.

“Whether this is your first Bad Suns show or not, this is definitely the first time you’ve heard this one live,” noted Christo Bowman, the group’s frontman, before launching into “This Was Our Home Once,” a newer release from the group. The track was effortlessly well received, playing along with the typical Bad Suns formula with a beachy summer vibe and a catchy chorus.

Last time they were in Seattle, Bad Suns packed out Neumos with COIN for a sweaty night of cute little indie tunes. Returning to headline a larger venue, the group delivered a refined sound that’s cleaner and more comfortable, partying with everyone for a memorable Sunday night.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Bad Suns