Post Malone w/Cassow, Smokepurrp, and FKI1st
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

Post Malone has a name, or a voice rather, that seems to be blowing up the R&B scene lately. His dynamic style works with slow, moody tracks as well as hyped-up party ones, so it’s no stop at Seattle’s Showbox SoDo was sold out.

As with most rap shows, it was slightly unclear who was who, unless you actually knew the performers, and the opening acts of Malone’s show were no different—a mishmash of performers running between the stage and the barricade to party with fans. Cassow, Smokepurrp, and FKI1st all created a party atmosphere that the crowd ate up.

After many sweaty fans were reluctantly pulled out of the packed audience, Malone finally made his way on stage among an entourage standing side-stage. Happily drinking his first Bud Light of the night, Malone kicked it off with “Too Young,” one of his slightly darker tracks, but still one that quickly had everyone shouting along behind their phones.

Malone’s only album, Stoney, made a huge splash when it was released, with a pretty good collection of songs that became popular, and others that still are sure to get people singing along. Listening to the album, most of the tracks have a darker, almost sad kind of vibe, that works well with his mellow voice. His live show brightens up those songs a little with a laid back, smiley, and increasingly drunken attitude.

His set carried on with the mellow hype vibe with hits like “No Option,” “Money Made Me Do it,” and “Déjà Vu.” One song that was pretty surprising to hear was “Feeling Whitney.” As the only acoustic song on the album, it sticks out a little as it leans more singer-songwriter than R&B. With fans passionately singing (and crying) along throughout the venue, it was clearly a good choice that rounded out his set with some variety.

Closing his performance with a brief rags-to-riches story, Malone finished with “Congratulations,” the floor bouncing and he downed the last of his Bud Light.

The thing that really stood out from the night was his personality. It’s easy to tell Malone enjoys the fame, but also doesn’t take himself too seriously. He fed off the energy of the crowd, doing funny things like pouring beer on the stage (only to quickly be wiped up by stage crew), shouting “take me to the promised land!” as he crowd-surfed, and using “your girlfriend looks like me” as an insult.

A night of lighthearted fun, Post Malone’s tour stop at Showbox SoDo proved to be everything promised. With a hit-stacked setlist and a charismatic performance to go with them, the sold-out crowd danced all night, and blasted the songs through all the traffic on the way home.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Post Malone