Richie Dagger’s Crime
Album Review: Tenderness

Formed in 2011 as the solo composition/recording project of Richie Nelson, Richie Dagger’s Crime is a local Seattle project that spans genres, influences, and a cadre of some of Seattle’s most inventive musical collaborators.

On the 6-track debut EP, Tenderness, released June 2017, RDC takes valiant stabs at R&B, psychedelic funk, and plenty of electronics. Four of six tracks are covers, including Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out” and the General Public title track, “Tenderness.”

An ideal backdrop for noir-ish urban romantics, the EP’s twinkling electronics reflect the darkness of secret lives. If you’re into cerebral, classically-trained musicians turning vintage influences into modern mood, then RDC is probably right up your alley.

Check out the EP below and be sure to see RDC live this Tuesday, September 26 at Nectar Lounge. Find your tickets here.

Preview by Stephanie Dore
Show Poster by Arica Schuett