Jen Kirkman
Vera Project, Seattle, WA

Sure, there are rumors or controversy, but what’s a good comedian if they’re not creating some kind personal buzz? Jen Kirkman, the king of personal, brought her brand of storytelling to the live Vera Project stage this week. Her train-of-thought style, punctuated by both moments of contemplation and aggressively animated body language makes her stand out in the comedy crowd.

Kirkman is the kind of gal you want to just sit down with at a bar, and that’s what her live show feels like. She came on stage carrying a large bouquet of fresh flowers given to her by an audience member and right off the bat she said she was giving them away (with said audience member’s permission) so that someone else could enjoy them. She borrowed a phone charger from Diana, a lucky lady in the front row, and palled around with her about her fanny pack. She kept up the banter with Diana throughout the evening, finding common ground in divorce and the lack of desire to have children, and at the end of the night that’s who went home with those flowers.

Kirkman gave us plenty of new material to consider, with only a couple of things pulled from her recent Netflix special I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine). She even pulled out some new Caitlyn Jenner discussion that kept the crowd on their toes. Plus, her pants looked great.

Go find her live here  and don’t miss the full interview.

Review by Stephanie Dore
Photos by Sunny Martini

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