Author: Sunny Martini

Sarah St. Albin And The Promised Light Of Spring

Sarah St. Albin w/ My Cartoon Heart and Tobias the Owl Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA 03.12.17 Beleaguered by the cold and tired from springing forward to daylight-saving time, the Seattle faithful came to Sunset Tavern to be revived by music. they filtered into the beloved local venue to celebrate the release of Sarah St. Albin’s EP, Small Voice, reaffirming the city’s dedication to the music scene. They were rewarded by a three-set show that thrummed with warmth. Tobias the Owl opened the night with their five pieces, including light percussion from a cajón. The sound was surprisingly big, even while...

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Ann Wilson: The Voice Of Heart

Ann Wilson of Heart Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA 03.08.17 Ann Wilson of Heart is undoubtedly one of the most legendary and respected female voices in modern rock music. She kicked off her month-long “Ann Wilson of Heart” US tour with a hometown stop at Seattle’s historic Moore Theatre. It was the perfect setting for an intimate experience with this Hall Of Fame vocalist. With four-plus decades of hits under her belt, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wilson, but as the evening progressed it proved nothing short of spectacular. The two-set lineup included her dynamic solo work, Heart...

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The Japanese House’s Intimate Indie Pop

The Japanese House w/ Blaise Moore Crocodile, Seattle, WA 03.06.17 From opening for the 1975 at WaMu Theater nearly a year ago, to selling out Sunset Tavern at the end of November, Amber Bain, AKA The Japanese House, hasn’t played in Seattle much, but she certainly delivers a powerful set each time she does. Her sold out night at The Crocodile left many desperate fans scrambling around outside trying to get last minute tickets, and her set later that night proved exactly why. The night opened up with Blaise Moore, a singer who effortlessly blended classic R&B with modern...

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Skillet and Sick Puppies Feel Invincible

Skillet w/ Sick Puppies Showbox, Seattle, WA 03.04.17 A line wrapped around the block of Seattle’s Showbox to check out Skillet, and the sold out crowd was treated to a band who really know how to work the room. They brought positive energy and a phenomenal experience to everyone in the room. Touring in support of their 2016 release, Fury, Australia’s Sick Puppies opened the show. This was their first tour with new vocalist/guitarist Bryan Scott. He was a dynamic front man indeed, though they have always been a great three-piece band to watch. Bassist Emma Anzai was a force to...

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Rogue Wave’s Risky Cover Business

Rogue Wave w/ N. Lannon Crocodile, Seattle, WA 03.03.17 Releasing an 80’s cover album can be very risky business. If you play the songs in their original format, there will always be a harsh comparison. But if you take it in another direction and put your own spin on it, you could catch flak for changing a hit. Oakland’s Rogue Wave threw caution to the wind, releasing Cover Me, which turned out to be a beautiful collection of 80’s covers, which they supported with a live show at Seattle’s Crocodile. The night opened up to a small crowd with...

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