Kim Petras and DJ Alex Chapman
Showbox, Seattle, WA

Electropop princes Kim Petras strolled through Seattle on the second night of her Clarity Tour. In a show that had 6 wardrobe changes, Petras played to a sold-out crowd that felt like it was busting at the seems with the level of stage production and fans.

It won’t be long till she’s playing larger venues, in front of larger crowds and even larger productions. She packed a lot into the Showbox at the Market. Petras’s level of production was so grand she had her own 3 tiered stage on top of the Showbox stage.

Each part of the set was like a different chapter of a book. When each new chapter came to a new vibe to the show. There was always something refreshing that came about with each turn of a page.

Chapter one was the introduction of everything that is Kim Petras. ‘Innocent’ and ‘Sweet’ Petras. Something she would prove to be ‘wrong’ in all the right ways later in the show. She entered the stage wearing a very fluffy tutu and started the show with songs ‘Clarity’ and ‘Got My Number’.

Chapter two initiated the start of the party chapter. She took offer her tutu and was wearing a black and white strip busty bodysuit. Playing a cover of Charlie XCX song that features herself, ‘Unlock’.

Chapter three was her bad girl chapter. Coming out in red leather textured bodysuit and wearing a masquerade face mask. She jumped on a spinning platform while dancing through each song.

The fans at the show were passionate and hardcore fans. Petras saw a fan holding a full-sized pumpkin with a carving of her face on it. Can we please take a second to appreciate the dedication it takes for a fan to carve and carry a pumpkin to a show and hold it for over 2.5 hours before she was able to get in Petras hands. Incredible! 

Chapter three was a sexy chapter. Coming out in an all-red latex outfit suit she jumped back on the spinning platform during her song ‘Death by Sex’.

Chapter five was her cozy chapter. This is where things slowed down for two songs. Petras changed into an oversized t-shirt of her own merch, and DJ Aaron Joseph come out with a guitar for two acoustic songs. The first a beautiful acoustic cover of The Killer’s song ‘Human’ and the second an original song, ‘Homework’.

The final chapter was her elegant chapter. She took off her oversized t-shirt and threw it to a fan in the crowd. Underneath was a tight see-through evening gown. Finishing off the night, the new princess of pop, played her final encore ‘Heart To Break’ and ‘Sweet Spot’. It was an unforgettable night and performance by Kim Petras that have to see to believe.

Photos and review by Logan Westom

Kim Petras

DJ Alex Chapman