WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA

WaMu Theater was packed with an enthusiastic crowd for the talented and lovable hip-hop artist Logic. His last album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, was released in May of 2019, which followed his Sept 2018 release of YSIV, and not long before that the release of Bobby Tarantino II in March 2018. With every word and his unique in-the-pocket flow, Logic really has something to say and his fans are always there to listen.

Logic seems to pump out fantastic and well respected music at a fast pace, keeping his fans hyped and ready for more. Which is exactly what he did Tuesday night. Starting full force with three hits, “44more,” “Everybody,” and “Overnight.”

Halfway through his set, Logic took a little break by welcoming one of his opening acts, Silas, to take the stage. Silas is an artist from Logic’s new label, Bobby Boy Records.

Following a song from Silas and some one-on-one time revisiting past hits with Logic’s DJ, Logic answered the crowds chants, “Bobby, Bobby,” surprising them by appearing toward the back of the venue at the sound booth. Giving the folks not lucky enough to be up front a little face time with him. Throughout the show Logic continued to interact with the crowd, amping them up and teasing them that Portland, Oregon may have been more hyped. Each time, the crowd raised the already heightened volume. At one point Logic even performed a crowd favorite, “Homicide,” a song he did with Eminem off of the tour title album, for a second time. Asking more from the crowd, and once again getting it.

Logic’s fans were no doubt left inspired and excited for the next time that they get to catch their much loved “Bobby” on stage in their city again.

Review by Jess Sandiforth
Photos by Samuel Lewis