Death Cab For Cutie
Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

Death Cab For Cutie ended their world tour in support of their 9th album, Thank You for Today, with two special hometown shows outside at Marymoor Park. Night one ended after 15 minutes due to a large thunderstorm passing through Seattle. Night two they tamed the power from the thunder. Lead singer Ben Gibbard believing the band had harnessed some of the power from the lighting that stuck the night before. Once the show really got underway Gibbard full of adrenaline said “Finally understand the feeling of what Anus Young meant by being ‘Thunderstruck’.

There really was something incredible happening on stage. They played with more gusto and artistic execution then I had seen in previous years show. Maybe it was the lighting, maybe it was the crowd and atmosphere playing outside under a cloudy Seattle evening. Or maybe it was the set list and music from their newest album.

The 2 hour long show was beautiful crafted. Playing a lot of classic Death Cab songs like “Title & Registration”, “Soul Meets Body”, “Crooked Teeth”, and “Black Sun”. All the old songs that might have been the only reason they came to see them. But they also played a lot of new music including “I Dream’t We Spoke Again”, “60 & Punk”, “Summer Years”, and a the song which will now forever be a part of their greatest hits “Northern Lights”. 

The lighting display was exquisite for each song. It helped tell the story of each song. From backlighting Gibbards with a warm halo of light on the opening song “Passenger Seat” to the mesmerizing screen across the back of the stage.

The night ended with a beautiful four song encore starting with “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and ending with “Transatlanticism”.  It was a shame what should have been two beautiful nights of music turned into one. But out of it came three more opportunities of wonderful music as Death Cab have planned three more shows at the Showbox for the fans that missed out on the first night.

Photos by Logan Westom
Review by Allie Leaf

Death Cab For Cutie