107.7 The End Summer Camp 2019
Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

The most wholesome music event of the year has finally returned: 107.7 The End’s Summer Camp. Every year, a wonderful lineup of alternative artists is pulled together at Marymoor Park for an incredible weekend in early August. Cut down a little to just one day this year, Summer Camp did not lose any of its magic.

First up for the afternoon was Shaed, a little trio of two brothers and a friend that’s been quite a fun band to watch grow. They’ve been through Seattle a few times, opening for 107.7 favorite Bishop Briggs and others the last few years. They’ve got a fun, bright, electro-pop sound that’s irresistible, especially at the outdoor venue.

Next up, Skating Polly. They were quite a wildcard after Shaed, taking their sound in the opposite direction. The band has been together since sisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse were in middle school, and they’ve grown into quite a show. The classic opposite sisters, Peyton stands calmly in a simple all-black outfit, singing softly and emotionally, while Kelli stands on the opposite side of the stage in all pink with her cowboy boots, kicking her legs in the air and jumping around the stage for the whole performance. The set was nothing short of entertaining, with their hard grunge punk sound mildly shocking the crowd with something so new.

Last year, ex-Disney star Ross Lynch and his siblings brought their cult following to Summer Camp with their brand R5. This year, it seems the band with that die-hard following was iDKHOW (ie: I Don’t Know How But They Found Me). The duo is new, but each of the members carry quite a past. Lead singer Dallon Weekes had his fangirls drooling over him just like they did when he was bassist for Panic! At the Disco, and drummer Ryan Seamen also brought some fan love from his time drumming for Falling in Reverse. Together, they’re a power duo. They’ve got a similar fun, quirky sound that Panic! used to have, with sassy lyrics and fun melodies. They’ve got a set that will have you laughing at their intro, and rocking out later.

For our next afternoon performer, Oliver Tree was honestly the best mid-festival pick-me-up. Rolling on stage on his Razor scooter with tiny kids sunglasses, big Junk Jeans, an 80’s winter coat, and a perfectly crisp bowl cut, Tree is absolutely hilarious. His sense of humor runs throughout his set as he dances around dramatically, strips down through multiple outfit changes, and stays fully in-character the whole time. Not only is his visual performance comedic and amazing, but his music is also high quality. He’s hit a great darker side of alt-pop with a catchy sound that’ll be stuck in your head long after you’ve watched his scooter tricks on stage.

While everyone was enjoying their food truck dinners during the set change, we were gifted a nice little surprise as the sun went down. Matt Maeson, a Seattle alternative favorite, came out for a quick little one-song performance. He busted out “Cringe,” it was incredible, and he said farewell.

After the rest of the set change, Joywave popped on stage, and lead singer Daniel Armbruster apologized for forgetting his JNCOs. Joywave is another band that feels like they’re always announcing new shows in Seattle, and we’ll never stop showing up to them. They’re super nerdy and darkly comedic, and honestly a classic staple in the alternative scene.

Next up, some newer faces in the PNW: The Revivalists. These guys had “Wish I Knew You” on 107.7 for a good chunk of time, so it was fun to see their energy come to life with not only that track, but the rest of their music as well. With seven of them on stage at once, they’ve got a full crew up there ready to have some fun—and that’s exactly what they did.

Finally up to headline our beautiful Summer Camp 2019, Walk the Moon took the stage for the perfect set. Walk the Moon has one of the most high-energy and happy sets I’ve ever seen, and it’s alway a joy to see these guys live. They’ve taken some time off these past few years and flown under the radar a bit, but seeing them live, it feels like nothing’s changed. Every member of the crowd knew every word, and sang along passionately, showed love for every band member, and closed the night out with big smiles and love all around.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Summer Camp 2019