21 Savage w/Young Nudy, Doe Boy and Calboy
WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA

21 Savage has had anything but a boring year. After releasing his most recent album, I Am > I Was at the end of last year, he’s gotten some more positive attention as one rapper who continues to release quality albums one after another. However, his 2019 started off with a bit of a rough patch as the world found out the Atlanta rapper was actually from Canada, and in America with an expired visa.

However, after overcoming immigration struggles, he came back in full swing for his summer tour to support the album, stopping at WaMu in late July.

The lineup for the night had no shortage of openers, first starting off with quick sets from Doe Boy and Calboy. Both sets were high energy, letting the sweaty crowd move around a little bit and enjoy some of the new rap coming up.

One voice you probably don’t remember being on Tay-K’s “The Race,” Young Nudy was up next for a set that shocked the crowd with it’s familiarity. Young Nudy’s been dropping tracks for years with a solid list of features: Megan Thee Stallion, Uzi, Future, and of course, 21 Savage. Nudy’s set brought some fans of his own, and he certainly gained some new ones that night.

After a brief intermission, 21’s stage setup was revealed. A big mountain of rocks with a grand staircase in the middle, the set design was nothing short of a big production. The set opened with a video and photo montage, showing a brief glimpse into 21’s life. From home videos to Snapchat videos, the compilation was actually quite touching, giving the audience a more personal glimpse into the rapper’s life before the performance started.

The stage turned red as the set opened with “Numb” and “Red Opps,” some of the old and some of the new. 21 Savage definitely isn’t know for being one of those rappers that sprints from each end of the stage, jumping up and down and throwing water into the crowd. Instead, 21 spent the first chunk of his performance simply pacing back and forth on top of his rock mountain calmly, letting the fans focus on the music and the lyrics.

The remainder of the night was more of the same: a real opportunity to watch 21 do what he’s best at, and giving the fans the chance to appreciate his talent. Hit after hit, the set of course ended with a loving and energetic closing with “Bank Account.”

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

21 Savage

Young Nudy

Doe Boy