Jon Bellion w/Marc E. Bassy and Lawrence
WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA

Too often now, it feels like artists create drama with other people or even just surround themselves with it for the attention. Everyone seems to carry this attitude that any attention is good attention, and whatever drives numbers is what you need to do. On the other side of the spectrum however, sits Jon Bellion. Comfortably quiet and under the radar, Bellion has skated drama-free and happy as can be through the music scene, truly spreading positivity through his fan base.

For this night out we were treated with a few fun openers. First, Lawrence, a fun little sibling duo from New York. Bouncing around the stage energetically, Gracie Lawrence set the tone for the night with a big smile, laughing with the crowd as she ran around.

Next up, Marc E. Bassy swung back through Seattle, no stranger to his PNW fans. With some fresh new blue hair, Bassy is one of those artists where you don’t realize how many popular songs he has until they’re all played back to back. This man is stacked with hits left and right, and with his pure 90’s outfit, he was nothing but fun to watch.

And finally, Jon Bellion. I really didn’t know much about him going into this night, but I was blown away. He comes on stage under bright lights wearing what looked like a halloween costume of a ship captain or something. A bright blue jacket with gold piping and big buttons going down the center, it was nothing short of regal.

He came out bursting with energy and excitement, hyping up the crowd instantly. He has so much talent it’s truly incredible. After a few songs, he stripped down to just a plain black shirt and some black athletic shorts, letting all the energy and glamour be focused on his music. Bouncing back and forth between instruments and bringing guests on stage, Bellion’s set was beautifully well done by some of the most genuine talent and skill in the game right now.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Jon Bellion

Marc E. Bassy