Third Eye Blind w/ Jimmy Eat World, Ra Ra Riot
WaMu Theater, Seattle, WA

There was supposed to be a new Third Eye Blind album this year. This was supposed to be that tour. Despite the lack of new release, a massive crowd filled out Seattle’s WaMu Theater to see the band anyway. The show started with the entire three-level stage covered in a see-through sheet, before the band emerged into the center of the stage for a group huddle, silhouetting each member.

Right off the bat, they began with a new unreleased song, “Screamer,” off their upcoming album of the same name. Since this tour was supposed to be a new album tour, before the band had the album delayed, they still went forward playing a few news songs live.

The full band stood at the top of the stage finishing out the first song before coming down closer to the crowd. It only took until the third song before they jumped into their classic hits with “Never Let You Go.” The stage lights beautifully enhanced each song, complimenting the band and the background to create a beautiful composition.

Halfway through the night, lead singer Stephan Jenkins invited local musician and friend, Julia Shapiro, from the band Chastity Belt, on stage. Together they played Chastity Belt’s song “Joke.”

Following the delightful surprise, Third Eye Blind jumped right back into the set with one of their biggest hits, ‘Jumper.” A real crowd pleaser for all those fans that came for the hits. The presence that Jenkins and Co. brought to the stage was big and powerful. When they played their hits, it created goosebumps on your skin it was so good.

As the night drew to a close, Third Eye Blind came back on stage for an epic four-song encore, including another preview from their unreleased next album, with the song “Waze.” For the fans waiting for the hits, they got their reward when they played “Semi-Charmed Life.” The night ended with a second special guest, Rebecca Zeller, from opening band Ra Ra Riot, coming on stage to play the final song of the night “God of Wine.”

Co-headlining Third Eye Blind’s ‘Summer Gods’ tour is a band that needs no introduction, Jimmy Eat World. “A band making rock and roll dangerous again” was the self introduction from lead singer, Jim Adkins.

The same era that got the best out of Third Eye Blind was also responsible for the best of Jimmy Eat World. During their 45-minute set, they played all their hits including the “The Middle,” “Sweetness,” and “Always Be.” A set full of good old American rock and roll.

Opening up the concert was indie rock band Ra Ra Riot, from New York. This tour served as a warm up to their fifth album release coming on August 9, 2019. They played their first single, “Flower,” off their forthcoming new album, titled Superbloom. “Flower” was one of the catchiest songs from their set. Look for more exciting things from them later this year.

Photos & Review by Logan Westom

Third Eye Blind

Jimmy Eat World

Ra Ra Riot