Billie Eilish
Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA

The 17-year-old pop wunderkind, Billie Eilish, opened her “When We All Fall Asleep” world tour at Marymoor Park Concerts to a packed, sold out crowd. Teens lined up at dawn to make sure they could claim a space close to the stage. And when it was finally time for the show, fans chanted her name.

Eilish came out with all the energy, sporting futuristic sunglasses and high kicks. Starting with one of her latest hits, ”bad guy,” Eilish had fans captivated, hanging on her every word and move. As one young fan said in the front row before the show, “I’m tired and hungry, but it’s all worth it for Billie f*ng Eilish!”

Throughout the night you could feel how much she brings to her shows—the type of energy that feels like at any moment she’ll fly off the stage. With an elaborate stage setup that included a light up stage and lights wrapped around it, a giant screen, and a bed that lowered down for “bury a friend,” Eilish brought a little bit of everything to her debut world tour.

Billie Eilish is already a huge phenomenon and with live shows like this, she is poised to sell out every arena in the world. Her performance is a must see when she comes to your city and it’s no surprise she is already headlining some of the biggest festivals out there.

When I fall asleep, I hope I go to a Billie Eilish show.

Review and photos by Joshua Lewis

Billie Eilish