J.I.D w/ Saba and Mereba
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

A sold-out Showbox SoDo slowly filled with eager fans waiting to hear high-speed lyrical delivery with introspective meaning. The stage was dark with hints of blue-back lighting coming from behind the DJ booth, which had a sign on the front that read “CARE.” The music started playing and almost instantly the crowd cheered as Chicago rapper/producer, Saba, popped out of the darkness grinning ear-to-ear.

Performing songs off his 2018 album, CARE FOR MEthe music gave off a classical funk and jazz vibe. This was accompanied by Saba’s ability to switch from soothing melodic flows to a thoughtful rapping cadence. Both styles were heard in songs like “LIFE” and “LOGOUT” that were performed that night.

With not much time in between sets, J.I.D walked out onto the stage with a very calm demeanor. He looked out into the crowd as they continued to cheer at his presence. It kind of looked like he was taking it all in as he waved and smiled. The crowd could not stop exuding their love for him. Once J.I.D started the show, he had every individual in the room hooked. His lyrical delivery matched exactly what you would hear on his most recent album, DiCaprio 2. In fact, it may have been better.

Roughly six songs in, the music cut out. It seemed that there were a few technical difficulties but after ten minutes everything was running smoothly again. As soon as the show resumed, J.I.D brought out Mereba (who had opened earlier in the night) to perform their collaboration, “Sandstorm.”

There was so much energy in the room as his set was coming to a close. You could feel if from wall to wall. The Dreamville-signed rapper had a wildness to him as he was rapping with heat behind every word he would spit. The east Atlanta native closed his show with one of his most popular songs, “151 Rum.” At one point it felt like a giant house party because the audience was reciting each word with him.

Review and photos by David Payne