Jenny Lewis w/ Karl Blau
Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA

For 20 years, under a wealth of noms-de-plume, Jenny Lewis has been delivering tunes to the indie-loving masses with her specific storytelling voice and solid musicianship. Touring in support of her fourth solo album, March’s On the Line, Lewis stopped by Seattle’s Moore Theatre with a set that showcased new work and seminal favorites that had the crowd singing right along.

The show opened with Northwest singer-songwriter, Karl Blau, himself a prolific artist with plenty of genre-twisting work under his belt. Accompanied by Aaron Otheim of the band Heatwarmer and Andrew Dorsett of Lake, Blau’s set included both originals and covers, and despite saying he was there “to get you guys pumped up,” he kept it pretty chill.

When it came time for Lewis’ set, the crowd rushed the stage, reusable sippy cups of beer in hand, to welcome the singer with the two opening tracks off her latest, “Heads Gonna Roll” and “Wasted Youth,” both of which she delivered behind her vintage-patterned painted piano. She then stepped to the front of the stage with her full band for a cover of Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins’ “Big Guns.”

While the crowd started dancing and singing along, it was hit tracks like “Head Underwater” and Rilo Kiley’s “Silver Lining” that really got them owning the participation. On “Happy,” she even let them sing parts of it themselves.

The rest of the set proceeded in such a balanced, perfectly delivered way that proved Lewis’ showmanship expertise. A “vape-friendly” new arrangement of “Voyager” had folks torn between head-scratching and familiar laughter, and “With Arms Outstretched” turned into another crowd singalong at the end of the set. Overall, the joyful experience—including a giant balloon drop and sequins aplenty—was a Lewis classic, creating an unforgettable night for fans of the artist’s unique catalog.

Review and photos by Stephanie Dore

Jenny Lewis

Karl Blau