Blackbear w/ Elohim
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

Blackbear seems to be one of those artists that fans can never quite track down. In 2017 he dropped two albums almost back to back, both stacked with big name features and tracks that would grow into iconic anthems of the season. In the same year, he dropped his first full length album, as a duo called Mansionz, with Mike Posner, which flew a little under the radar, but was still big for fans. And then suddenly after three albums in one year, it seems he needed a break, and proceeded to disappear for two years. But after finally popping up again in 2019, Bear dropped his fourth album, ANONYMOUS, announced a tour to support it, and fans ate it up.

The night opened with Elohim, a crazy fun EDM artist and singer. She’s probably most well known for being the vocals on Louis the Child’s “Love is Alive,” but she’s got some great up-beat tracks of her own that rock just as hard, making her the perfect high-energy opener for the show.

Opening with a storm with “HEARTBROKEN,” fans were instantly in love with Bear and the energy he brought to his fresh tour. He spent most of his time standing on the speakers nearest to the crowd and climbing on the barricade that separated them, singing as close to his front-row admirers as he could.

Despite the fact that he just dropped a new album, tracks off ANONYMOUS actually made up very little of his setlist. Maybe it was due to the overwhelming success of some of his previous projects, but the night featured a lot of older hits, which definitely was not a bad thing. It gave the crowd all the old songs they fell in love with and made memories to, but also got everyone partying with the newer songs.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson