Bad Suns w/ Carlie Hanson
Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

Among lots of new bands and music coming out every single day, some bands will always hold a special place in the heart of fans. One such band, Bad Suns, is now on their third album of perfect, sunny, indie goodness.

Opening their night at The Neptune was Carlie Hanson, a young girl who has kicked up quite a storm here in Seattle over the past year. After performing in an earlier slot on the main stage at Bumbershoot 2018, she’s hopped on to open a good handful of tours since, making it back here with Jeremy Zucker later in the fall, and now with Bad Suns. With a strong voice and songs filled with raw emotions, Carlie is always a joy to watch.

When Bad Suns finally came out with “Away We Go,” every fangirl along the barricade was passionately singing every word in the dark.

The band came on all dressed up in what looked like something between a regular suit and a marching-band outfit, but nonetheless, it completed their retro aesthetic. The setlist was a perfect mix of the hits off their previous albums and the newest material they’ve been releasing. The whole sweaty venue was filled with love for the sunny tracks these guys seem to have found the perfect formula for.

An ideal lineup, in a great venue, on one of Seattle’s first sunny days of the year, Carlie Hanson and Bad Suns were the dynamic duo we didn’t know we needed—until the crowd was left in awe after such a fun night.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Bad Suns

Carlie Hanson