Turnover w/ Turnstile, Reptaliens, and Big Bite
Showbox, Seattle, WA

As much as party hits will skyrocket the charts, sad music really never goes out of style, and that’s something Turnover has capitalized on for sure. Perfecting their floaty, alt-rock sound, the albums rip you up to listen to, but they’re so beautifully done that you can’t pull away. Needless to say, the band got a pretty good turnout at The Showbox, full of fans ready to get emo with their favorite band.

After Big Bite opened the night, Reptaliens took the stage for one of the most bizarre sets I have ever seen. It opened up with a man coming on stage, fully clothed in a flowy white robe and alien mask, acting along to a monologue about all sorts of weird conspiracy theories and such, ending with “the moon landing was fake,” which was met by cheers as the crowd ran on stage with fun colored-wigs, kneeling on the stage. Throughout their set, it really only got better. The music was fun to bounce along to, but you got a little distracted by the alien-man dancing and eventually stripping down to his underwear to cap off the set.

Turnstile was quite a change of pace after that. Lights were essentially turned off, and crowd members probably got hit in the head more than a few times by their eagerly crowd-surfing peers. A crazy, hard-rock band, Turnstile was exactly the adrenaline rush needed before the headliners.

Turnover kicked off their set with a sophomore album classic, “New Scream.” Right off the bat, the band, especially on their newest album, reminds me a lot of locals Death Cab For Cutie if you smoothed out their sound a little—basically, they’re incredible. By the time they started playing tracks off Peripheral Vision, it was all tears in the front row. “Dizzy on the Comedown” had fans crying and shouting along to the “ba ba bada’s” of the song.

And as they finally closed with a few more tracks off their second album, there really was nothing but love in the room.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson