Yung Gravy w/ DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and bbno$
Showbox, Seattle, WA

“Mr. Sandman” is one of those classics that every single time you hear it, it’ll get stuck in your head for days. Dreamy and airy, it really is a timeless ’50s song. So when it drops into a trap remix after the first verse, letting Yung Gravy’s voice ring through with some not-so-wholesome lyrics, it really threw me off the first time I heard “Mr. Clean.” But that pretty much sums up Yung Gravy’s, aka Matthew Hauri’s, sound: it’s remixes of vintage songs, or his own work, all clean cut and smoothed out, but with the funniest and most ridiculous lyrics on top of it. It’s comical, it’s fun, and live at The Showbox, the crowd was nothing but smiles.

The Experience the Sensation Tour kicked off with quick sets from DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and bbno$ before Gravy took the stage.

Opening with “Knockout,” the entire crowd was smiling and laughing right away, screaming the lyrics along with him and dancing to the catchy music. After popping off to “Forget me Thots,” Gravy pulled a fan on stage who sweatily showed off his Young Gravy tattoo on his bicep, and danced on stage with him for the following few songs.

Never again will I probably ever find a night where George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” is remixed as the instrumental for a rap song in the same night as “Mr. Sandman” and countless other ’70s and ’80s hits. That’s what makes Yung Gravy so fun though, he throws the weirdest and funniest samples together to rap over with lyrics that are a very stark contrast to the older tracks. And he does all of it while dancing and smiling on stage just as hard as anyone else in the crowd.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Yung Gravy