Magic Giant w/ Castlecomer and Weathers
The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

Just as the weather began to take a turn for the sunny again, one of 107.7 The End’s old Summer Camp favorites came back around with their warm and happy indie music.

The night at The Crocodile opened with Weathers, a hard-hitting indie rock band that stuns crowds every time they come around. Last time I had the pleasure of seeing these guys was way back in September of 2016, and ever since then, I’ve been looking forward to catching them again. So, needless to say, when I saw they were on the bill with Magic Giant, I was pretty excited to see what these guys have cooked up over the last few years. And turns out they’ve done a lot. After releasing their debut album in June and an extra single this year, they’ve cleaned up their sound but kept the fun, high energy performance they’ve always had.

Next up, the night took an unexpected turn with Australian band, Castlecomer. With thick accents and the personality of a hunky romance novel protagonist combined with an ’80s workout instructor, lead singer Bede Kennedy shook his Easter egg maraca while the crowd danced along. The set was super entertaining, the sound was like shopping mall pop that had very ’80s sounding moments, and combined with a charismatic performance, the set was all laughs and smiles.

Finally, amidst a stage strewn with multi-colored tassels that complimented their hippie aesthetic, Magic Giant had fans cheering wildly as they ran on.

One of the most fun things about Magic Giant is the variety of instruments they use. There are the usual guitars and drums, but then there’s also a cello, violin, banjos, and honestly whatever else they felt like adding in. But it all combined to be a fun, bright mix of vocals you could hear the smile through, and the instrumentals to support that.

“Window” got all those Summer Camp 2017 fans screaming, and Magic Giant left everyone in the room happy with a big smile on their face feeling like it was summer already in February.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Magic Giant