Nothing But Thieves w/ Demob Happy
Showbox, Seattle, WA

Nothing But Thieves is one of the few bands I will absolutely go very far out of my way to see every single time they are here—which is actually quite often considering they’re a UK band. Some of the best Brit-rockers around right now, NBT has come through Seattle three or four times in the past couple years, and somehow they get better every time. Their headline show at The Showbox on this round was certainly no exception.

After Demob Happy opened the night with some funky, high energy, alt-rock tunes, NBT finally took the stage, opening boldly with “I Was Just a Kid.” The energy kicked off quickly and didn’t dip all night.

Seeing these guys a few months ago opening for Awolnation was stunning: Seattle’s first taste of their Broken Machine. But there’s something about giving them their own headline show that you really can’t beat. A longer, more complete setlist and an audience that’s really dedicated and along for the entire ride made all the difference at The Showbox.

This idea became really clear with “Particles.” Sure, any crowd can pop off to some alt-rock bangers, but it’s rare that such a large group of fans becomes so deathly quiet to enjoy a heartbreaking track like “Particles.” The song highlights lead singer Connor Mason’s incredible voice perfectly. A powerful and hard-hitting chorus is a beautiful contrast to the whispery and falsetto verses, creating an equally well-rounded and heart-breaking song, perfectly enjoyed by the crowd.

While those slower moments were beautiful, the night was also a good chance for the band to show off all the bangers on their new album. “Forever & Ever More” and “Soda” were fresh new tracks that fit perfectly with the vibe of their debut album, creating a seamless setlist.

Overall, Nothing But Thieves is just a stunning band. They’ve got a perfect dynamic that works for all different kinds of songs, and an energetic performance that effortlessly kept their fans captivated from start to finish.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

Nothing But Thieves

Demob Happy