Preview: Bumbershoot 2018
Seattle Center, Seattle, WA
08.31.18 – 09.02.18

On April 30th, 2018, Seattle was divided into two groups: those for and those against this year’s slightly odd Bumbershoot lineup. With most of the big-font slots on the poster listing names that some might consider throwback artists, the lineup surely sparked many discussions. Alas, Bumbershoot is still our city’s beloved hometown festival, and with that said, the three-day affair will undoubtedly showcase some of the best new music around.

But with hundreds of artists packing into downtown Seattle for the weekend, that massive lineup can be overwhelming. So, to break it down into something a little more manageable, here’s a breakdown of some acts you don’t want to miss this year, just pray there are not too many overlaps.


Jake Crocker
My first introduction to this guy was watching him rock out doing the instrumentals for Seattle’s Saint Claire at Capitol Hill Block Party 2017. But since then, Crocker has created a name for himself, pumping out some pretty hype EDM tracks to rival those of the bigger names that usually cloud the top of the lineup.

Xavier Omar
If you’re looking for some chill R&B vibes with an angelic voice and a heavy beat, Omar is your man. He’ll be early in the day, but honestly—this guy has a sound that could easily fit higher in the lineup.

I’ve loved these guys for years and it’s so great to see them get bigger and bigger. Last time I caught them was at a packed, sold-out show at the Crocodile, and these three brothers pop off every single time. If you want a fun set to bounce around to with bright samples and tons of energy, definitely check them out.

Mura Masa
There are a lot of names that I’m very excited about this year, but Mura Masa is one that could sell me on a pass by himself. This guy is the absolute king of summery EDM tracks, and after seeing him put on a killer Block Party set in 2017, I have absolute faith that he’ll bring the best to Bumbershoot this year.


I had no idea who this was until scrolling through the lineup, but I decided to check him out and I absolutely do not regret it. He’s got a cutesy kind of summer vibe that’s definitely worth checking out if you get to the festival early on day two.

Marc E. Bassy
His last time in Seattle was a co-headline gig with Bebe Rexha, but Bassy has been floating around the pop scene for a while, and I’ve always heard good things about his performance. He’s got that bright, easy-going pop sound that’s on the rise right now, so his set will be perfect out in the sun. Fair warning though, you might have to wade through a sea of middle school girls to get there.

Mikky Ekko
Another name that’s popped in and out over the last few years, Mikky Ekko was a bit of a surprise on the lineup. His debut 2015 album had a more stripped down, lyrical approach, but his latest releases suggest he’s moving into a kind of 2013 Avicii sound. It should be a fun time.

Yung Pinch
If you’re looking for a set that’s going to make you seem on-trend on your Snapchat story, stop by Yung Pinch for a bit. As the name suggests, he’s part of the wave of younger rappers coming up with a laid-back sound and money-focused lyrics.

DVSN is another name I was super excited to see on the lineup. A huge hitter in the melodic R&B scene lately, these guys have been popping up all over, and their set will surely be packed with fans of names like Drake, PartyNextDoor, and Majid Jordan.

As a headliner, he pretty much goes without saying, but after such a killer album release, you really can’t miss his set.


Great Grandpa
Seattle bands! Go check out Great Grandpa for some of the best Seattle has to offer in the grunge-rock department right now.

One of my favorite indie-pop groups for the past year, lovely has been killing the game recently. They’ve got that perfectly happy, bubblegum alt-pop sound that’ll leave you smiling and definitely wanting more.

Some more fun, warm EDM, check this girl out for a guaranteed dance party.

London on Da Track
If you’ve listened to any hip-hop recently, odds are you’ve heard that little “we’ve got London on da track” at the beginning of the song because this guy has been popping up all over recently. His set is going to be pretty hype, so definitely check it out if you’re in the mood for some fun hip hop.

Bishop Briggs
This girl is hands down one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen her about 5 or 6 times over the past two years, and she’s absolutely killer every single time. I can’t say enough about her, but she’ll be worth seeking out for sure if you want to watch a powerhouse lady rock out to her alternative tracks.

Portugal. The Man
If you aren’t sick of hearing “Feel it Still” on repeat yet, these guys have tons of other great tracks between all the albums they’ve released. While their latest is a little more radio-ready, their older albums touch a more unique side of the alternative scene, but still with that Portugal magic.

A literal queen whose presence Seattle will be blessed with at the tail end of our festival weekend, please do yourself a favor and go close your eyes and listen to this goddess of R&B.

Preview by Lulu Dawson