Hunny w/ Gleemer, Fringe, Clothing Optional
El Corazon, Seattle, WA

Hunny is one of those bands that just holds a soft spot in your heart. With an 80’s aesthetic and punk-edged pop music that’ll be stuck in your head for days, these guys guarantee a good time. After opening for Bad Suns in October and gaining loads of new fans, the band came back through Seattle, this time with a whole new lineup of great openers for a small crowd at El Corazon.

The night started off with Everett’s own Clothing Optional. These guys brought that raw, grunge sound the PNW is known so well for. And paired with a creepier undertone and songs that are easy to follow, they were a perfect choice to welcome everyone in.

Next up was Fringe, the poster kids for 2018 thrift-shop-dressed indie—and they were lovely. Their bright guitars mixed well with more mellow vocals for a sound that capitalized perfectly on the shoegaze indie sound that’s on the rise now.

The final opener for the night, Gleemer, changed pace a little bit. Taking the shoegaze from Fringe, but turning it in a more mid-2000’s dark rock, these guys were stunning. They sounded like Turnover’s Peripheral Vision album, but with the freshness of a newer band.

When HUNNY finally came on at the end of the night, everything fell into place. While these guys had a pretty bright and happy sound, their performance was crazy wild. They packed so much energy into their set, and in a space like El Corazon, everyone was dripping in sweat by the end of the night.

Their newer releases from earlier this month blended seamlessly with older tracks throughout their performance, and the songs were packed with so much emotion it was impossible to look away. They had a cute, somewhat-80’s pop sound that made you smile—but with a punk edge that fed off the band’s energy—paired perfectly with catchy melodies so the crowd could shout back.

“Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)” capped off the night with a bang. After lead singer, Jason Yarger, jumped into the crowd and bounced around with everyone, fans cleared out at the end of the night with wide eyes and big smiles.

HUNNY is a band you never want to pass up. Their songs sound great through headphones, but their live energy was unparalleled, and they are such a gem among all the little indie bands floating around. Don’t sleep on these guys because they guarantee a fun time that you won’t want to miss.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson




Clothing Optional