Joywave w/ Sasha Sloan and Kopps
Crocodile, Seattle, WA

A band you might never full understand, it’s easy to all in love with Joywave. With quirky personalities and an incredible set of songs, these guys are impossible not to enjoy. They brought their dynamic, geeky vibe to The Crocodile and captivated the crowd.

To kick off the night, Kopps took the stage ready to wow everyone. They started off quickly, and if the loud electro-pop wasn’t enough to hold your attention, then the perfectly synchronized dance moves surely were. The choruses of each song and a few verses were sprinkled with little bits of choreography performed perfectly by the band members.

Without a corresponding dance performance, but armed with some perfect sad songs, Sasha Sloan was next to take the stage. Her performance was much more mellow than Kopps, and her heartbreaking lyrics had the crowd in a trance.

With old computer monitors decorating their stage set up, Joywave started their set with “Content,” the title track off their 2017 sophomore album. After a few more tracks the band finally slowed down to welcome the crowd.

Daniel Armbruster, the band’s front man, told the crowd that while many other dates had sold out, Seattle was the fastest to do so, filling up in under a week. He joked around about Deck the Hall Ball in December being a “Joywave headline show, with closers The Killers,” being a little drugged up on cold medicine, and applauding the fans for being such a great crowd.

The set continued with a perfect mix of old and new tracks, fans happily singing along to the more familiar lyrics, and watching in awe during the more unfamiliar songs.

Review by Lulu Dawson
Photos by Quinton Peters


Sasha Sloan