Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

Despite not having released a full-length album since 2014, Danish pop singer still sold out Showbox SoDo on a Saturday night, so clearly she’s doing something right. The packed crowd was treated to an incredible live performance—full of energy and insanely captivating.

MØ’s sound is generally pretty music-festival-ready dance pop, a theme which her lineup for the night supported. After Darius and Cashmere Cat’s opening sets, everyone was ready to keep riding the mini festival high.

Opening ominously with “Roots,” a track from 2017’s When I Was Young EP, MØ emerged mysteriously among walls of darker lights and smoke, swaying calmly for one of the only still moments of the night. The set turned around quickly, however, and we were sent straight into the festival pop everyone had come for—girls with glittery faces bounced on shoulders through the crowd and guys with unbuttoned floral shirts knocked around to the beats.

Each song MØ performs is captivating because of the sheer amount of energy she puts into it. She’s all over the place, rarely ever standing up entirely straight, instead she is crouching down, rolling on the floor, or bent halfway into the crowd dramatically singing her songs.

Her voice too is perfect for the feel she’s going for. It’s effortlessly smooth when need be, but also has just the right squeaky/gravely tone when she’s screaming out the more dramatic parts, giving tracks a more emotional feel than if everything were perfectly smooth and drawn out.

As her performance closed, the crowd happily bumped along to the biggest tracks everyone knows her voice from: “Don’t Leave,” “Final Song,” and “Lean On.” With an incredible performance, MØ packed out Showbox SoDo for a night that instantly hyped everyone up for the coming festival season.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson