The Wombats w/ Future Feats and Nation of Language
Showbox, Seattle, WA

Just a few days short releasing their fourth full-length album, UK trio The Wombats brought their catchiest tracks to The Showbox for a night full of dancing and laughs.

Things kicked off with Nation of Language, a group from New York with a sound that can only be described as a darker version of 80’s Tears for Fears. With a heavy synth backing and drawn out mellow sounds, these guys were definitely a bit of a surprise, but a great one at that.

Next up was Future Feats, a band that fell into a lovely space between angsty boy-band and indie rock, warming the crowd up for The Wombats’ warmer set. The music from Future Feats is set up perfectly to work well live. It’s all upbeat and exciting, welcoming high energy and dancing from the crowd and performers alike.

After everyone caught their breath, The Wombats happily ran on stage and started their set with “Cheetah Tongue,” one of the teaser tracks released from their next album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. The song carries a more mysterious vibe than much of their earlier stuff, which leans much more dance-pop rather than the more sentimental tones of “Cheetah Tongue.” The song played well with the crowd though, and they ate up the taste of what’s to come on the new album, excited to hear the new songs live before getting down to old favorites.

Next up for the night familiar intros to songs like “Give Me a Try” and “1996” that had the ground bouncing right away, reminding everyone how entertaining The Wombats’ music is on its own. Even on their debut album—released more than 10 years ago—each track had funny and bold lyrics, catchy melodies, and beats that begged to be danced along to. Live, it was really just a party. Everyone jumping, lights flashing, and those easy words being shouted so loud you couldn’t hear the band—that’s the environment where The Wombats really thrive as they bounced around the stage too quick to even see.

Highlights of the remainder of the show include “Pink Lemonade,” as the perfect mellow break in the hype, and of course “Greek Tragedy” to top the night off with a bang.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson

The Wombats

Future Feats

Nation of Language