Preview: Desi Valentine
Neumos, Seattle, WA

Set to open for rhythm and blues band Vintage Trouble tonight at Neumos, we squeezed in a quick interview with buzz-worthy opener Desi Valentine. The UK pop singer wowed the crowd at Bumbershoot 2016 with his big vocals and dapper vintage style and tonight’s show is sure to knock the socks off Seattle soul fans. Valentine’s a soulful singer with a timeless sound and a genuine smile.

Seattle Music News: How has tour life with Vintage Trouble been so far?
Desi Valentine: It has been incredible so far. The Troublemakers (VT fans) are die hard so the audience reaction has been amazing. The Vintage guys asked me to do a duet with them so it’s an honor to share the stage with them each night. I’ve gotten to see some amazing places too. I love to travel, although I’m significantly fatter than I was when I started the tour due to amazing regional food, lol.

SMN: Describe your music in three words?
DV: Retro, fresh, and soulful

SMN: You had a few singles released and we’ve read new music will be coming out in 2018, what can we expect?
DV: I will be dropping my new EP in early 2018. I have been writing non-stop for the last 2 years so I have lots of great new material to share. A lot of the EP songs I’m performing live on this tour, so I know they really connect with people already. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Grammy Nominated producers Stint and Jenn Decilvio on this new record so I’m excited to put it all out in the world.

SMN: Describe your music writing process. Do you have a routine of some sort?
DV: My writing process really varies, as you can’t control where inspiration comes from. I’m usually writing about the things that are happening in my life so when I’m moved emotionally or I have an interesting concept I’ll write it down in my lyric book or get on the keys to start laying down ideas. Most of the time I collaborate with one of my amazing producer/co-writers and bring the ideas and concepts into the recording studio. We build the track around the concept and melodic ideas, and by the end of the session, we will have a brand new song written. We track vocals then and a lot of the time we end up using those as the final vocals for the song.

SMN: What’s your favorite city so far while on tour?
DV: Austin, TX is my favorite! Such amazing energy in that city. Such a huge music scene and lots of great food. The audience reaction there was unreal.

SMN: Do you have any dream collaborations?
DV: I have a few, haha, I would love to collaborate with P!nk. I’ve been a huge fan for many years and she is one of the reasons why I started writing songs in the first place. Adele would be a dream come true as I think she is Incredible and we are definitely cut from the same cloth. Last but not least, Chris Stapleton. He is an incredible talent and truly already one of the greats in my opinion. We could write a dirty blues/country/soul duet with a twist of pop, lol! That would be seriously awesome.

SMN: If you were stuck on an island, what is ONE book, ONE album, and ONE movie you’d hope to have with you?
DV: Book = The Amy Winehouse Story, Album = Portrait by Nina Simone (I’m cheating as it’s a compilation), Movie = The Green Mile is my favorite but It’s really sad so I would say I Love You, Man.

Be sure to get there early to get your groove on with Desi and Vintage Trouble!


8:00 PM

Preview by Stephanie Dore