Bleachers w/ Tangerine
Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA

A line formed quickly outside Showbox SoDo to welcome indie-pop outfit Bleachers back to Seattle. Despite the seasons already turning to fall, their latest album, Gone Now, is packed with summer anthems that the fans were more than ready to see live.

Tangerine kicked things off for us with a little local love. The group is originally from Seattle, but having recently relocated to LA, they drew a strong crowd. They are always a cute group to catch, whether opening or headlining a show, and this was no different as the band fought to sing louder than a few dedicated fans in the crowd. They definitely had everyone smiling by the end.

Finally appearing at the back of the stage, all dressed up, Jack Antonoff and his band opened the set ominously with “Dream of Mickey Mantle.” From there on out, the rest of the set was packed with big songs meant to be danced to—and that’s exactly what we did.

After wearing ourselves out a bit, Antonoff decided it was time for a break to wish happy birthday to one of his drummers. As the crew brought a cake on stage, the whole room lit up with a wild version of “Happy Birthday.” And, of course, the cake couldn’t go to waste. So, Antonoff simply handed it over to the crowd, correctly assuming it would be eaten up pretty quickly.

The performance continued with more hits that have flooded alternative stations over the past few years. “Rollercoaster” proved to be the perfect song to jump or cry to, or an interesting combination of the two. And finally, they closed the night with their most recent hit, “Don’t Take the Money,” leaving everyone a sweaty mess and out of breath, but with big smiles.

Though everyone may be more than ready for Halloween and all that brings, Bleachers brought their sunny indie-pop for Seattle for a perfect night of carefree tracks.

Review by Lulu Dawson
Photos by Logan Westom