Preview: Atlas Genius w/ Flor and Half The Animal
Neumos, Seattle, WA

Every time we see Adelaide, Australia-bred (but now LA-based) Atlas Genius live, we fall a little more in love. Started, and fronted, by the Jeffery brothers – guitarist/vocalist Keith and drummer Michael – their live shows live up to every ounce of buzz the band has generated in their short but sweet career.

With the release of their massive single “Trojans” in 2011 and, subsequently, two strong alt-rock albums, Atlas Genius has honed a unique combination of electro-pop-meets-grunge-rock not overwhelmingly common on the charts, and they’ve earned the critical praise to prove it’s a winning formula. This sound and their intimate personas – Keith is known to cozy up to the front row – have earned them a dedicated following.

The brothers spent the summer split between the studio and the road, and with the release of their first new music in two years, the guys are about to live the touring life once again. Their “63 Days of Love” tour, presented by SiriusXM Alt Nation, will see them crisscrossing The States through the end of October. Catch them live on Conan September 20 performing their latest single, “63 Days,” and don’t miss out as their live show hits Neumos September 26th.

If it’s anything like past shows, there will be plenty of big tunes and playful personalities, all drenched in a kaleidoscope of rainbow lights. Oh. And lots of sweaty, screaming fans.


6:30 PM

Preview by Stephanie Dore