Dead Cross
Showbox, Seattle, WA

In the world of “super groups,” Dead Cross’s members need no formal introduction.

Drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies) formed the hardcore punk super group in Southern California in 2015 alongside guitarist Mike Crain (Retox), bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust) and original singer Gabe Serbian.  In 2016 after Serbian left the group, singer Mike Patton (Faith No More) took over on vocals.

It was hard to predict how Patton’s anticipated first appearance would go down with the band at The Showbox in Seattle, especially as earlier in the week Dead Cross had to cancel their LA show over a well-publicized “skateboarding accident.”

But within seconds of them taking the stage, Patton jumped into the crowd. “Seizure and Desist,” the opening song from the self-titled album set a tone of ferocious energy for the night ahead.

At a few points, the crowd was so intense that Pearson had to tell them to calm down, “It’s like you are at a Trump rally.” Then they broke into “Obedience School.”

Patton told the crowd it was their first time in Seattle, saying, “We are getting our cherry popped, and we’re gonna pop your cherry. I had a little wardrobe malfunction up here. I couldn’t find my dick.” Everyone erupted with laughter.

While the music might not exactly be for the average Faith No More/Slayer fan, it was special to witness this unique performance from these musicians, one of pure punk rock fury at its finest. The band seemed to be having a blast, and the crowd loved the moment. More than once, Patton crowd surfed as their 50-minute set crushed at a blinding pace.

Near the end of the set, Patton brought a kid on stage. Showbox went wild seeing him nurture the next generation. “You are not a douchebag are you? No? Good, then you can be my bodyguard. Stand here like this,” He said.

They closed the evening with a cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” with the familiar drum intro for “Reign in Blood” to ring it out. They broke into the opening bar of the song screaming, “Thank you, good night!”

And with that outro they exited the stage to adoring screams. It was a fantastic night for all and something that might never happen again. The night Dead Cross gave Seattle “Obedience School” lessons!

Dead Cross Set List
Seizure and Desist
Obedience School
New #2
Bela Legosi’s Dead
Divine Filth
Grave Slave
Prisoner New #1
Gag Reflex
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Reign In Blood (Teaser)

Review and photos by Neil Lim Sang

Dead Cross