Joyfield w/ Michelle Limanni, Greater Space, and Seatrash
Real Art Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

Regardless of venue, local lineups tend to draw smaller crowds, but when they’re a nearly two-hour drive outside Seattle, those crowds get even smaller. While there was plenty of room for the 40 or so fans that came in and out of Real Art Tacoma, Joyfield and their openers managed to keep the energy high for a well-rounded night of musical talent.

The show opened early with Seatrash, aka Dan Dunlap, who performed a unique old-school twist on electronic music. Using primarily sounds from a 90’s Gameboy layered with the occasional guitar, his performance was something very different from the typical PNW garage rock.

Next up on the night’s lineup was Greater Space, an indie-rock duo with a shockingly great set. For such a young pair, they seemed to have a clear idea of where they’re going. Their set hit a sweet spot between arrogant and shy where they seemed perfectly comfortable giving their bright, catchy tunes their all.

Last up before the headliners, Michelle Limanni played her first ticketed gig, though you’d never guess it. The reincarnation of mid-2000’s Sara Bareilles meets Ingrid Michaelson, Limanni’s songs were delicate and heart-warming with uplifting lyrics and soaring melodies.

Playing a quick set to top off the night, Joyfield jumped barefoot around the stage for their powerful set. While their Honey EP and “Taste Like Summer” single sound great on record, their live performance showed off an energy that can’t be captured through headphones. Their own songs were catchy enough that the crowd seemed familiar with the tunes halfway through and will be eagerly awaiting the official release of some of the new tracks.

With a similar setlist to their performance opening for Blossoms back in April, Joyfield threw in a “Hang Me Up to Dry” cover mid-set, reviving the crowd a bit with a familiar alt-rock classic. The cover fit the band’s sound really well, and lead singer Ellie Hanes’ power vocals were perfect for the track.

For the small crowd that filtered in and out through the night, the lineup spanned the musical spectrum, bringing in a night of varied performances that complimented each other in different ways. Seatrash’s Gameboy sounds were a fun change, Greater Space sounded far too experienced to be playing to such a small crowd, Michelle Limanni probably caused a few tears to shed alternating between warm songs and happy stories, and finally, Joyfield rocked out as always, altogether making the drive entirely worth it.

Review and photos by Lulu Dawson


Michelle Limanni

Greater Space