Video Premiere: “Tuesday”

Like a shot fired into the bleakness of your 9-to-5, Monsterwatch present their latest video, for new track, “Tuesday.” Clocking in at just 1:34, this tumultuous piece of groove-punk is exactly as short as it needs to be to stand out from the everyday. And the video, self-created by the band, brings to life an attack on your average rat race, complete with what seems to have become the band’s rat-mask mascot. The Seattle band offers up this fresh material in anticipation of a forthcoming EP.

Forget the catchy glitz of pop-punk bands dancing across alt-radio airwaves, Monsterwatch throw it back to the heydey of crunchy 90s punk, with a side of Northwest grunge and a deep bass groove. They’ve been steadily drawing crowds at local venues, including a month-long residency at High Dive where once a week, they headlined a hard-hitting local lineup. Catch a Monsterwatch show and you’re likely to see the aforementioned rat mask make an appearance, along with plenty of sloucher head banging and dirty hair tossing from both the band and the crowd.

Be sure to pick up “Tuesday” on BANDCAMP and check out the video below.

Review by Stephanie Dore