Seratones w/ Joyfield
Barboza, Seattle, WA

Booths bathed in candlelight line the back walls of Barboza, an intimate, basement music venue in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. In the glow, concertgoers chattered away waiting for Shreveport-based outfit Seratones, and their opener, Joyfield, to take to the stage for a memorable concert experience.

It was a quarter after eight when local indie-pop outfit, Joyfield, were up. They may appear unassuming at first, but that perception was quickly washed away by lead singer Ellie Hanes’ intoxicating vocals. Her voice resonated through the small venue. Listening to their recent EP, Honey, on Bandcamp, is nothing like experiencing Joyfield in person. Anyone who has heard the band’s recorded EP, but hasn’t seen them live yet, is missing out on a wonderful experience. Hanes’ voice was definitely meant to be heard live.

During their performance Joyfield played a brand new song titled “Backseat.” The song does not have a digital release yet, but fans can expect one in the near future. They also performed a great cover of Cold War Kids’ popular hit, “Hang Me Up To Dry.” Joyfield’s most recent single, “Taste Like Summer,” closed out their set.

When people think of music from Louisiana, they generally think of New Orleans and jazz. New Orleans may be the birthplace of jazz, but Shreveport is the birthplace of the larger than life rock ’n’ roll outfit Seratones. This four-piece group carefully combine a variety of influences to create a sound which is wholly unique to them. Grungy rock ’n’ roll, punk, and blues are the strongest components of this band’s sound. Their punk and rock roots fit right in with Seattle’s own music scene.

In a recent interview with Nylon, lead singer, AJ Haynes, stated that it is her mission to create a welcoming space for everyone attending the show. That sentiment is something that many alternative music fans within Seattle can align with. During the band’s set she took a moment to tell the audience to pause, look at one another and say, “You’re welcome here. You’re loved. Let’s get down!” Their message of inclusion should resonate with every music loving Seattleite. When the band broke into their next song, the crowd emphatically danced along.

The group performed a number of songs from their dynamic debut album, Get Gone. One of the best songs of the night was the title track. The song had a booming bass line and guitars which are reminiscent of old school rock ’n’ roll. Another fantastic single they performed was “Chandelier.” This song had a bit more funk, but was just as intense as every other track on their setlist. These songs alone are an excellent reason to check out this band.

Seratones provided fans with an electrifying performance that should not be missed the next time they tour through Seattle. This is one band we should all be paying attention to over the next couple of years.

Review by Kriston McConnell
Photos by Alex Crick