Thunderpussy w/ Naked Giants and Wild Powwers
Neumos, Seattle, WA

There’s nothing quiet about Thunderpussy. For the past couple of years, the Seattle four-piece has been rocking every stage they can get their hands on, often to sold out crowds, and with nary a single released. These ladies have some things to say, and their fans are listening.

After a year of performances that included the local festival trifecta of Sasquatch!, Capitol Hill Block Party, and Bumbershoot, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate way to close out the year than with a two-night stand at Capitol Hill stalwart Neumos. We hit up night one, the all-ages, pre-New Year’s Eve blowout. The sold out room was packed with a wide range of fans, and at least eight photographers – Thunderpussy is known for their stage antics – lined the stage.

First up were local rockers Naked Giants, on the heels of their R.I.P. EP release. Having been named to many year-end “bests” list, the band’s fast-paced, super fuzzy, blues-influenced garage rock was a thrash of energy to kick off the night. Guitarist/vocalist Grant Mullen and bassist/vocalist Gianni Aiello were diving down, kneeling, and stomping about, while drummer Henry LaVallee broke three drum sticks and a snare before the band was halfway through their set. Basically, they looked like they were having the time of their lives. And they sounded like it too.

They were followed by Wild Powwers, the darker, gothier Seattle three-piece known for Lupe Flores’ booming drums, and the grungy distortion of Lara Hilgeman’s guitar and Jordan Gomes’ bass. Hilgeman and Flores provided stellar vocal harmonies, while Flores wailed away, hair flying everywhere. Their set passed in the reverberating blink of an eye.

And then the lights dimmed, AC/DC’s lyrics “Thunder, Thunder” played repeatedly over the speakers, and the Thunderpussy logo lit up the stage. Drummer Ruby Dunphy took the stage first, for an epic solo, before the rest of the band joined her and launched into new track “Speed Queen.” The group was just off recording their debut album, and they captured their audience with old favorites and new tracks alike.

As the night progressed, vocalist Molly Sides, a choreographer by day, did a stunning dance solo during “Welcome To The Disco,” and shared her maracas with a fan who seemed to be having a lot of fun shaking along. A cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love,” had everyone hugging, and guitarist Whitney Petty combined shredding and diving across the stage.

Meanwhile, crowd surfers tumbled over outstretched arms. The band’s dancers joined them on stage during “Cloud” for a few songs, and then they closed out their set with typical fanfare. The crowd went wild in demand of an encore, which the band delivered, with “New Shoes” and an epic eight-minute “Dazed and Confused.”

With the release of their debut just around the corner, it’s likely we’ll continue to hear Thunderpussy’s names rolling off the tongues of everyone in town, and hopefully beyond. These ladies put their all into their performances, so its no wonder they’ve got fans wrapped around their little fingers.

Thunderpussy Set LIst
Thunderstruck Intro
Drum Solo
Speed Queen
Gentle Frame
No Heaven
All In
Velvet Noose
Somebody To Love
Utero Tango
New Shoes
Dazed And Confused

Review and photos by Alex Crick

Thunderpussy, Wild Powwers, and Naked Giants