The Paramount, Seattle, WA

Phantogram officially embarked on a new era with the release of their third album appropriately titled, Three. Their record release show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre was played in front of a sold out crowd of over 2,800 people and the city welcomed the excitement of this exclusive honor. In the home town of their record label, Barsuk Records, Phantogram thanked them for being the greatest record label.
Filled to capacity, all eyes were on the stage as the house music faded and the lights dimmed to black. A semi-transparent screen covered the front of the stage displaying graphic and visual effects of the band’s faces. Shadows and silhouettes of the duo, Josh Carter and Sara Barthel, swirled with other digital animations. This surreal look on stage matched the spacey keyboards from Barthel.
Phantogram kicked off the night with a song from their newest album, the echoey track, “Funeral Pyre.” The whimsical screen displayed almost an altered reality. The crowd was transported to another universe as the choreographed projection swirled alongside the upbeat digital music. At the end of “Turning Into Stone,” the screen dropped and the band could be seen without distractions. The stage was hit with minimal light, which kept the performance dark and mysterious.
Carter and Barthel were set back off the stage about five feet, only approaching the edge of the stage a few times. Each time they did so, the fans screamed loudly as they got a close look at them booth.
Departing the stage only to return to the cheers of the fans, Phantogram pulled up the screen for the encore. The show seemed to go by so fast. The crowd cheered for their favorite tracks off Eyelid Movies and Voices, before they ended with their newest hit single, “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore.” The upbeat song with a catchy chorus will stay on fans’ repeat buttons for weeks to come.

Review and Photos by Logan Westom