Silverstein w/ Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Coldrain & Rarity
El Corazon, Seattle, WA

One of the most consistently touring bands today, Canadian post-hardcore rockers Silverstein stopped by Seattle for a thunderous set at El Corazon. The young filled the venue for a lineup that also featured Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Coldrain, and Rarity, and they didn’t lose energy all night.

Silverstein took to the stage and delivered a handful of tracks from their 2015 full-length I Am Alive in Everything I Touch along with plenty of fan favorites from throughout their fifteen-year career. The crowd knew every single word to each song, participating in the screamo verses and hooky choruses throughout. Even in a small venue like El Corazon, the intense sound of Silverstein wasn’t lost.

The band had steel boxes they would stand up on throughout their set and every time someone crowd surfed to the stage, vocalist Shane Told would help them out so they didn’t get hurt falling. This is a band that always seems to have a reciprocal appreciation for their fans. There was also a VIP package that allowed fans to stand side-stage during the set. By the end of the night, Silverstein seemed like they could have just kept right on playing. And I’m sure the crowd would have stayed right there with them.

Silverstein Setlist:
Stand Amid the Roar
Face of the Earth
Your Sword Versus My Dagger
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
I Am the Arsonist
In Silent Seas We Drown
One Last Dance
Smile in Your Sleep
Late on 6th
Red Light Pledge
In the Dark
Smashed into Pieces
Toronto (unabridged)
Call It Karma
My Heroine

Review by Stephanie Dore
Photos by Bryce Cato

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -3

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -28

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -51

Silverstein3| 9 |16 -9

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -26

Silverstein3| 9 |16 -6

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -34

Silverstein3| 9 |16 -2

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -47

Silverstein3| 9 |16 -7

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -21

Silverstein 3| 9 |16 -23